Homestead Collection by Corsicana Mattress Co.


Here at Little Birdy we like to celebrate excellence. We like to give credit were credit is due. We are excited to give a shout out to the Corsicana Mattress Company for raising the bar in the bedding industry. With the over saturation of online import mattresses it has become harder and harder to make a competitively priced domestic product these days.  That hasn’t stopped the great people at Corsicana.  They have continued to produce top quality mattresses right here with American made materials and American workers. We were especially impressed with the Homestead Collection of mattresses. These mattresses are almost over built to be honest. The quality of materials should far outlast the warranty. If you want to try one of these mattresses for yourself they are featured in some Hilton Hotels, The Plaza Hotel , and the Peabody Hotel. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or if you would like to share your experience with the Homestead Collection by Corsicana.

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