consumer reviews for legendaire mattresses

Legendaire Mattress Reviews

Legendaire ratings from real customers

Note: Anything lower than a C+ will not be rated.

“My back hasn’t felt this good in the morning in a long time.”

“I never realized how bad my old mattress was until I slept on our new Legendaire mattress. It’s wonderful and we are sleeping great.”

“Best mattress I’ve ever slept on! Highly recommend.”

The Legendaire family of luxury brands have supplied the top resorts and hotels with commercial grade mattresses for over 50 years. Legendaire uses a number of commercial grade materials to create the perfect hospitality mattress with unmatched quality and support. These mattresses feature the highest quality carbon steel coils in the core, a blend of pressure relieving materials for superb comfort, plus breathable and temperature regulating covers.

The superior technology involved in Legendaire mattresses creates a product that consumers and hotels are amazed with. In fact, chiropractors are also taking notice and recommending to their own clients. The high durability of the core, relaxing comfort of the foam technology, and cooling cover will have you feeling like a million bucks!

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