Jamsion PR-7000 & PR-9000 Latex Mattress

Jamison Latex Mattress PR-7000 & PR-9000


Latex is making a come back in a big way. Today’s consumers are looking for superior quality bedding that offers durability and comfort. Latex has been one of the most revered mattress materials for almost 100 years. Jamison Bedding made a name for themselves many years ago with their commercial grade Latex mattresses. Check out the new PR-7000 & PR-9000 Jamison Latex Mattresses at your local mattress dealer. Leave a comment or a review if you have experienced these mattresses.

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    Little Birdy Authorized Contributor
    July 24, 2022 at 12:04 pm

    We love our Jamison PR-9000 Latex mattress. We had a Jamison Latex mattress for 18 years and it was the best mattress ever. When we decided to upgrade to a king size we new we would have to buy another Jamison Latex mattress. We had a hard time finding a dealer that sold them but fortunately we found a mattress store online that sold the Jamison Latex and Marriott mattresses. They were able to find a comparable model to what our old one was and it ended up being the Jamison PR-9000 model. If you are tired of old traditional spring beds you should check out one of these. We love ours.


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