Englander Luxury Resort Collection

Englander Resort and Hotel Collection Elite Pillow Top


The Resort and Hotel Collection by Englander has been a favorite of retailers and consumers for over thirty years.  We are always excited to see what the wizards at Englander are going to cook up.  The Resort and Hotel Collection Elite Pillow Top is a new model that is already shooting to the top of the pack.

Don’t worry all the tried and true features that have made the Resort and Hotel Collection so popular are all still there.  The folks at Engalnder have just decided to add a few of the latest technological advancements to the pot.  So features like individual coils, back support zones, commercial grade design and the highest quality latexes and memory foams are present.  The latest in Gel technology has been added to give you next level back support and pressure relief.  The gel also adds to the cooling benefits of the Elite Pillow Top.  The fabric has also been upgraded to a high density yarn that allows the mattresses fabric to have a cooling capacity that was not available on any other models.  This feature is so important because it helps the mattress stay cool throughout the night where as most cooling mattress will only stay cool for about 20-30 minutes.  The Elite’s cooling feature will help your body drop that all too important degree in body temperature that specialist say needs to happen to achieve optimal sleep.

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    Little Birdy Authorized Contributor
    May 7, 2021 at 4:35 pm

    We researched for weeks online and finally decided to check out some local mattress stores. We had never heard of Englander mattresses before and stumbled upon a store that had several. We immediately fell in love with Grand Chateau Resort Collection model. It has a cooling silk cover and a gel pad that really feels cool. The support is great and we are sleeping better than ever.


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